Contribution guide

There are several ways to contribute to the RPA Framework. The following sections describe various ways of improving the project.

Reporting bugs

Bugs should be primarily reported through the GitHub issue tracker.

When making a bug report, try to explain the bug clearly, what the expected outcome was, and possibly the steps to reproduce it. Attaching a code example is very helpful.

The report should contain at least the following information:

  • rpaframework library version

  • Python interpreter version

  • Operating system

  • Error message and traceback, if applicable

If possible, supply a minimal example that replicates the problem. This will help in tracking down and fixing the issue.

Requesting enhancements

If you think there is something missing from the project, it’s possible to request enhancements through the issue tracker as well. This can be anything from new libraries to improvements in documentation.

A good enhancement proposal should describe the problem it is trying to solve and - in case of a library - an example demo of how it would be used.

If you’re unsure if the request is worth implementing, you can first ask on the #rpaframework channel in Robot Framework Slack.

Submitting content

Instead of creating a request for a new feature, it is also possible to directly submit Pull Requests via GitHub. Direct contributions from external developers are welcome to any part of the project, be it a new library or a fix to a typo in this documentation.

However, before submitting a large Pull Request, it’s advised to discuss it beforehand on the Slack or in a corresponding GH Issue on the tracker.

Before writing any code, please read and acknowledge our extensive Dev Guide.