New Playwright based browser automation library. Upstream examples, docs and issue tracker available at github.

Install instructions

The Playwright based browser library uses bundled browser executables as part of its package to avoid browser version conflicts and to enable browser patches to maximize automation possibilities. In practice this means that some extra steps are required to install it for use in a project.

conda.yaml (RCC, VSCode and Robocorp Lab (deprecated))

Ensure you’re using python 3.7 or newer.

Add nodejs, robotframework-browser and rccPostInstall: rfbrowser init to conda.yaml.

Example conda.yaml:

  - conda-forge

  - python=3.7.5
  - pip=20.1
  - nodejs=14.15.4
  - pip:
    - robotframework-browser==11.1.0
    - rpaframework==10.2.0
  - rfbrowser init


🔗 Direct link to keyword documentation.